Sheryl Staub-Frenchstaub-french-770-1, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Staub-French is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia. She has over 15 years of consulting and research experience studying the technological and organizational issues of Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation.  She is actively engaged with industry to advance BIM adoption, currently serving as a member of the Education Committee and the Technical Advisory Board of BuildingSMART Canada.

She is currently the Advisor to the Dean on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and also the inaugural holder of the Goldcorp Professorship for Women in Engineering and Director of the eng•cite program (, which develops and delivers a targeted recruitment strategy for UBC Engineering that aims to increase the number of women enrolled in its programs to 50% by 2020.



Puyan Zadeh Puyan ZadehAdjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia
Rachel Pottinger Rachel PottingerAssociate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia

Current Students

 NameProgramResearch Interests
Gustavo TsayPh.D.Data Visualization, Artificial IntelligenceSheryl Staub-French
Devarsh BhondeMAScAssessing new technology applications for improving construction coordination practicesSheryl Staub-French and Puyan Zadeh
Divyarajsinh ChudasmaMAScModular construction, design for manufacture, and assembly for prefabrication in construction; cross-project analysis of prefabrication projects in order to understand the effects of complexity of prefabricated elements on the project processes, including information flowSheryl Staub-French, Thomas Froese, and Puyan Zadeh
Seungho HanMAScLean constructionSheryl Staub-French and Puyan Zadeh

Past Ph.D. Students

NameProgramResearch Interests
Sarmad MehrbodPh.D. (2018)Interactions and design coordination issue resolution in BIM-based building design coordinationSheryl Staub-French
Hasan Burak CavkaPh.D. (2017)Investigating the Integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Commissioning and Handover Processes to Support Operations and MaintenanceSheryl Staub-French
Erik PoirierPh.D. (2015)Towards a unified, contextual, integrative framework for BIM implementation and collaboration within project teams working in the AEC industryDaniel Forgues (ETS) and Sheryl Staub-French
Madhav NepalPh.D. (2012)Automated Extraction and Querying of Construction-Specific Design Features from a Building Information ModelSheryl Staub-French

Past MASc Students

NameProgramResearch Interests
Francisco Xavier Calderón CifuentesMASc (2018)Uses and benefits of BIM in the design, manufacture and assembly of mass-timber and other structures made of prefabricated structural elements; designing the supply chain and workflows to leverage BIM and streamline the modelling processSheryl Staub-French and Thomas Froese
Jatin MaheshwaryMASc (2018)Visual Programming, Data Analytics and Advanced Data Visualization for BIM QA/QC, AECO Workflows Optimization through Action Research, Lifecycle Information ManagementSheryl Staub-French
Helina Merkeb GebruMASc (2018)Leveraging data to validate space programming and design requirements complianceSheryl Staub-French
Soojung KimMASc (2017)Leveraging BIM in design review and facility management process: From the owner's perspectiveSheryl Staub-French
Azadeh FallahiMASc (2017)Collaboration of programming and BIM to increase constructibility and support lean constructionSheryl Staub-French
Achintya BhatMASc (2017)Investigating the potential of visualization to address and manage project delivery issuesSheryl Staub-French
Sri KalyanMASc (2017)Framework to assess new technology applications for capturing as-built information from construction industry perspectiveSheryl Staub-French and Thomas Froese
Mohamed KasbarMASc (2017)Investigating the performance of the construction process of an 18-storey mass timber hybrid buildingSheryl Staub-French
Raza AliMASc (2017)Investigating BIM support for building performance assessmentSheryl Staub-French
Hooman ShahrokhiMASc (2016)Parametric Design, Building Constructibility, Design Features, Lean ConstructionSheryl Staub-French
Yunpiao (Whitney) BaiMASc (2016)Integrating Geographic Information System (GIS) and BIMSheryl Staub-French and Rachel Pottinger
Noosha ShabehpourMASc (2016)Lean Construction, Building Information Modeling and Prefabrication in ConstructionSheryl Staub-French
Behzad PilehchianMASc (2012)Change Management with Building Information Models: A Case StudySheryl Staub-French
Helia AmiriMASc (2012)Investigation of BIM Uses in ConstructionSheryl Staub-French
Amir TangestaniMASc (2011)Evaluation of Linear-Scheduling-Based 4D Modeling ApproachesAlan Russell and Sheryl Staub-French
Hasan Burak CavkaMASc (2010)Characterizing Bottlenecks in Building Design Coordination MeetingsSheryl Staub-French
Ngoc TranMASc (2007)Linear Scheduling and 4D VisualizationAlan Russell and Sheryl Staub-French
Ganesh SubramanianMASc (2006)Conflict Detection in 3D MEP Coordination: Tools, Constraints and CostsSheryl Staub-French
Mahdi BeheshtianMASc (2006)Visualizing the Design and Construction of Roadway Systems: A Case StudySheryl Staub-French
Mani Golparvar FardMASc (2006)Assessment of Collaborative Decision-Making in Design Development Meeting`sSheryl Staub-French
A. Reza TabeshMASc (2005)Case Study of 3D Modelling and Building System Coordination: Process And KnowledgeSheryl Staub-French
Hao NieMASc (2005)An OLAP-based PM Prototype for Cost Control and Manpower AllocationThomas Froese and Sheryl Staub-French