As the construction industry becomes more and more digitized, and as new technologies are introduced to support this shift, new challenges emerge. These challenges include working collaboratively in digital environments, managing, coordinating and ensuring the quality of facility data and digital deliverables, and extracting useful data to assess performance. 

The overall goal of the BIM TOPiCS research group is to address these challenges by developing tools and techniques for BIM use that support project teams with the digital delivery of sustainable buildings through the collaborative use of building information modeling (BIM) and related processes and tools.

Our research investigates this digital transformation from multiple perspectives:

Our research can also be understood within the framework for the four lifecycle phases of project delivery. These phases can be related to our main research themes:

  • Organize  → Integrated and Collaborative Practices, BIM Adoption
  • Design     → BIM Coordination and Lean Design Management
  • Execute   → BIM Quality and Compliance
  • Deliver     → Digital Handover / Digital Twin